Interior Design Engineering


from A as in analysis to V as in validation

The Interior Design Engineering team specializes in the analysis, conception, design, engineering and validation of the vehicle interior and its components. The focus is on human-centered product design with increasing system integration, connectivity and networking.

We are experts in all types of vehicles and can thus exploit synergy effects. Our interdisciplinary team brings concrete professional design experience from the fields of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, racing cars, municipal vehicles, fire trucks, industrial trucks, aircraft and yachts. In addition, we have consulting and analysis experience in the areas of motorcycles, quads, off-road vehicles and motor homes.

We are pleased to offer you our extensive knowledge in the field of vehicle interior design as part of an assignment. We advise and support our project partners in human-centered product development from analysis, conception and design to validation as well as in the optimization of development processes.

Based on the phase in the development, the relevant areas in the vehicle and their individual task-specific focus, we jointly derive the goal of the assignment and select suitable methods to achieve the goal.

We are pleased to accompany you through all phases of development, but assignments for support in individual phases are also possible.

We support you in designing completely new vehicle interior concepts as well as in optimizing individual areas in the vehicle without losing sight of the big picture. 

When focusing on the task at hand, you can choose from our broad repertoire.

Depending on the task, time horizon and budget, we offer a wide range of different methods and tools. We will be pleased to work with you to find the right way to achieve your goals.

Basic interior design for a new vehicle concept:
  • Interior dimension concept with occupant positioning 
  • Analysis of the body dimension spectrum of customers in the market
  • Driver's seat layout with arrangement of seat, pedals, steering and visibility
  • Package design for cockpit layout
Display/operator concept:
  • Operating logic / user interface concept
  • Display / operating concept (2D layout design specification, 3D arrangement)
  • Design concepts for operating elements
  • Basic design of head-up display
  • Usability tests according to different methods
Anthropometric driver's seat design:
  • Design of adjustment ranges for seat & steering wheel
  • Seat comfort analyses
  • Design / verification of entry / exit
  • Visibility and reflection tests (external view / instrument view)
  • Storage design
  • Luggage compartment illumination
  • Design / inspection loading / unloading
  • Ergonomics reviews of design models
  • Benchmarking to competitor vehicles
  • Construction of seat boxes / mock-ups
  • Driving simulator tests
  • Subject test
as well as:
  • technical consulting
  • Creative workshops
  • Trainings

Your question is not listed? Please do not hesitate to ask! Due to the close interaction with the groups Technical Design with Interface Design and Vehicle Design, Methodical Product Development, Lightweight Construction and Drive Technology / Computer Aided Product Development at our institute, we can cover a very wide range of questions.

In addition to commissioning development activities in which we apply our existing knowledge, you also have the opportunity to enter new territory in research in projects with us.


This image shows Wolfram Remlinger

Wolfram Remlinger

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Head of Interior Design Engineering

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